Burak Atas Mastering, high end mastering service for CD and other music distribution formats.

Mastering is the final and essential phase in the recording process, and is achieved through expert ears, precise engineering work and dedicated first class equipment to shape the record to its utmost sound quality.

Burak Atas specializes in audio mastering, and with his world class mastering studio, fully equipped with state of the art analog and digital mastering equipment he is able to give your music a radio ready presentation that cannot be achieved in traditional recording or mixing studios.

Visit Burak’s new studio Maven Mastering website for more info about mastering : http://www.mavenmastering.com




High end audio mastering with first class analog and digital mastering equipment. Burak’s guarantee is that if our mastering doesn’t dramatically improve the sound quality of your music, we will not charge you.


Premium mixing service. Take your recordings to next level with our online mixing service and get the sound you aim for. During the mixing process we are always in contact with you to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

Audio Restoration / Digital Editing

Audio restoration services and digital editing are also provided including removing / reducing background noises, hiss and cleaning up audio from other artifacts.